Veterinary History South Africa

Historical articles

This second division of the book entitled Veterinary history of southern Africa currently comprises papers presented at two historically significant conferences and diverse relevant peer-reviewed papers.

Publication policy:  Since the website is open-ended, further contributions that meet the peer-review requirements mentioned above are very welcome and can be submitted to the Chairperson of the SAVA History Committee at  Any corrections to the present text can also be submitted to the committee.

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  • A brief overview of the history of veterinary field services in South Africa

    G.K. Brückner

  • A brief history of equine private practice in South Africa

    C.H.B. Marlow

  • ‘n Oorsig van die rol van Robbeneiland in die vestiging van die Kaap van Goeie Hoop as Verversingstasiea

    A. Snijders

  • The history of veterinary medicine in Namibia

    H.P. Schneider

  • Theiler and the ‘Spirit of Onderstepoort’

    R.D. Bigalke

  • Sir Arnold Theiler and the discovery of anaplasmosis: A centennial perspective

    G.H. Palmer

  • Veterinary parasitology in South Africa: Some highlights of the past 100 years

    B.L. Penzhorn and R.C. Krecek

  • A brief historical review of research achievements by the OVI during the 20th century against the background of socioeconomic and political developments in South Africa

    D.W. Verwoerd

  • Lamsiekte (botulism): Solving the aetiology riddle

    R.D. Bigalke

  • A century of tick taxonomy in South Africa

    I.G. Horak

  • A century of research achievements by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute

    R.D. Bigalke FRSSAf and D.W. Verwoerd

  • Krimpsiekte in South Africa: historical perspectives

     C. J. Botha

  • William Horner Andrews (1887–1953) – First Professor of Physiology at Onderstepoort

    D.W. Verwoerd and W.J.H. Andrews

  • A short history of sheep scab

    J.D. Bezuidenhout

  • First two decades of veterinary education in South Africa (1924-1939)

    R.D. Bigalke

  • The Historical Background of Heartwater

    J.D. Bezuidenhout

  • History of Orbivirus research in South Africa

    D.W. Verwoerd

  • History of ‘swine fever’ in Southern Africa

    Mary-Louise Penrith

  • Trends in the control of heartwater

    B.A. Allsopp

  • History and development of research on wildlife parasites in southern Africa, with emphasis on terrestrial mammals, especially ungulates

    K. Junker, I.G. Horak and B. Penzhorn

  • The Zoological Survey: a historical perspective

    R.D. Bigalke and J.D. Skinner FRSSAf

  • Poisonous plants

     T.S. Kellerman

  • Research on animal blood groups and biochemical polymorphisms at Onderstepoort (1956–1990)

    D.R. Osterhoff

  • The history and achievements of the South African Veterinary Association

    C.M. Cameron

  • Veterinary nursing in South Africa (1977–2000)

     I. Wolleschak

  • The fourteen editors of the Journal of the South African Veterinary Association: 1927–2000

    R.D. Bigalke

  • The role of the South African Veterinary Council, with special reference to the period 1982–2011

    P.C. Ardington & R.D. Bigalke